[Urban Fantasy] Mira Magica – Böse und Gut

Mira Magica is an urban fantasy novel. The story takes place in the present time in a German (fantasy) place called Dorwingen.
Even though the novel is essentially a children’s book, it is suitable for adults who are interested in exciting books of this genre.

Cover des Urban-Fantasy-Romans „Mira Magica“Mira is a normal teenager with normal problems. At least until she meets a creature of strange shape. Vigil, who has been searching for her for many years, shows Mira a magical world that is already part of her life without her knowledge.

But Vigil is not the only one who has become aware of the girl. Thus the worries and duties of her teenage life soon become Mira’s least problem and she experiences things that are often difficult to reconcile with her previous everyday life.

Soon Mira meets the young magician Luisa and believes that she has found a friend and companion ..

Urban Fantasy without vampires or werewolves – but with a big portion of magic.

Here we go to the reading sample of Mira Magica – Böse und Gut.

ISBN Paperback: 978-3-7386-0909-7 buy at Amazon
ASIN E-Book: B019NCN7ZA buy at Amazon

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