[Thriller] (W)ehe du gehst

“(W)ehe du gehst” is, after “Die Frauenkammer”, another thriller in which the reader accompanies the story from the point of view of the perpetrator, the victims and the police.

Buchcover des Thrillers „(W)ehe du gehst“


Kira suffers from her husband’s exaggerated jealousy, irascibleness and increasing violence. When she tries to escape from her marriage to Jonas with the help of her best friend Juliane, she not only puts herself in danger. She does not suspect that he will stop at nothing to find her and bring her back into his power.

Those who have read “Die Frauenkammer” will meet old acquaintances in the new thriller by Jannes C. Cramer. Commissioner Frank Holper is part of an investigative team involved in the investigation of the case involving Kira and Jonas Grunwald, and private detective Lukas Bender, a few weeks before the beginning of his own criminal history, is also dubiously involved in the investigation.

Even though some of the characters appear in both books, “Die Frauenkammer” and “(W)ehe du gehst” are independent, self-contained novels that can be read individually or in any order.

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