[Thriller] Immortal Shadows

After the two thrillers “Die Frauenkammer” and “(W)ehe du gehst” a thriller of a slightly different kind now appears with “Immortal Shadows” (Schattentäter).

“Only when she notices the shadow does she acknowledge the danger and freezes for a fraction of a second. Then she turns and runs.”

Felix’s life is in a constant downward spiral. Since the sudden death of his wife, he’s become withdrawn and moody, and drowning his sorrows is now a part of everyday life. Even his best friend, Melanie, is at her wits’ end with him. After a serious accident, she thinks she’s lost him forever, but Felix miraculously survives. Is he just lucky? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Shadows are supposedly the absence of light – and death the end of life. But what if the things we think we know are just misconceptions? What if the rules are not the same for everybody?


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