[Thriller] Die Frauenkammer

“The Women’s Chamber” (Die Frauenkammer) is a thriller without bloodthirsty scenes. The reader already learns on the first pages who the perpetrator is and what activities he is engaged in. Nevertheless, the tension remains until the end.

The events are told from different angles: from the point of view of the perpetrator, the victims and the police. Over and over again there are overlaps, which provide additional tension.

Cover des Thrillers „Die Frauenkammer“A woman’s body is found in a remote, inanimate part of the city, but the investigations do not provide any useful evidence – neither of the victim nor of the perpetrator.
A few weeks later, a second dead person raises open questions. A tragic accident or another murder? As it quickly turns out, there seems to be a connection between the two cases. Commissioner Frank Holper begins an arduous investigation, for which he soon calls on the help of an external consultant. A fatal mistake ..

For all fans of exciting thriller reading.

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