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This e-book price calculator is intended to help you determine the price of an e-book to be published.

I do not guarantee that the calculated values are correct or meaningful in your case.
Use at your own risk!
ABSOLUTE NO input from this form will be sent to the server or saved!

Information about the e-book

Is there a print version of the book?

If there is both paperback and hardcover, please select “Paperback”.

How many pages does the book have?

If no print edition is available, please indicate the approximate number of pages the book would have as print edition.

What genre does the book belong to?

How many books have you published before?

If this is your first book, enter 0.

How many reviews have all your previous books together so far (on Amazon)?
What is the average review rating for all your previous books on Amazon?

Rating from 1 to 5, for example, if you have published 3 books, add all averages and divide them by 3
Book A: 4.3 – Book B: 4.1 – Book C: 4.6 = 13 / 3 = 4.3
How much do you appreciate (or maybe you know exactly) how many books have been sold by you in total:

How much % commission do you get on an e-book sale?
You can either take an average from all your distribution channels, or the one through which most copies are sold.

  • Maximum recommended VK
  • Minimum recommended VK
  • Proposed VK

    For 100,00 € commission (net) you have to sell the following quantities of e-books:

    VK price (gross) Commission (net) Number +/- %

    *The commission at this selling price is likely to be much lower than at other prices. The specified value is only estimated.
    *This price may also be worth considering. The price sensitivity of e-book readers seems to be quite high.

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